Why Women Shouldn’t be in Leadership


Ok sorry, it was clickbait, now that you are here and: a woman and extremely pissed off, a man feeling like you were about to find some justification for your entrenched misogyny, you may as well read on and see what I have to say about this controversial topic.

One thing I have learnt from working as a contractor in early stage startups is this:

Men seem (probably as a result of socialisation) to have an inherent problem with admitting they don’t know something.

Hey, I used to be like this too. It isn’t pleasant feeling “stupid”, no one would choose that would they?

But the amount of times that I have seen men freaking out and coming up with all sorts of BS and excuses if they don’t know something is farcical. They will throw out all sorts of jargon, try and blame YOU for being the dumb one, and even take an entire company in the wrong direction for 5 months, before finally being called out by the director for not having the correct idea of what is going on.

Women (probably as a result of socialisation) seem to be much more comfortable about asking questions. I do too. If I don’t know something, I ask, and then I figure it out. There is no shame in that. Confuscious even said: “The one who asks a question looks foolish for a moment, the one who doesn’t ask, looks foolish for a lifetime,” and sadly this has caused me to lose respect for people I once had deep admiration for.

I have lost count of the amount of times I myself have been shunned (and seen it happen to others) for asking relevant questions in meetings (sometimes for someone else’s benefit), only with the goal of keeping everyone on the same page so we could work collaboratively as a team (this is actually a really good idea). You’d think I’d learn, but really, what is the point in behaving in a way which is ultimately highly unproductive, and eventually can backfire by almost putting an entire business out of, well, business, just so that I don’t look dumb for a moment…

So at the end of it all, why should women not be in leadership? Because stuff might actually get done.