Tropical New Year


Waikiki Beach

For New Years, I went with a few friends to Hawaii. This was literally the polar opposite to New York, and was like mid-summer, despite being December. Seeing my location on Google maps was a bit strange; a lone blue dot surrounded by miles upon miles of Ocean. Hawaii was pretty relaxed, but allegedly they are more strict about ‘Jaywalking’ so we took care to only cross at crossings (unlike New York where people would cross in front of cops all over the place)!

Whilst in Waikiki, we stayed in a HI Hostel (as we did in New York). This hostel was much more friendly than the one in New York, and we ended up making some new friends there and travelling around the island a bit with them.

On one of the days, we decided to take a road trip up to the north of the island. We rented a car and were there in mot much time at all. There was a surf contest going on at the time, and we saw one guy awarded a large (large) cheque for riding the waves. The waves there were a lot bigger and stronger than the waves in Waikiki, and the beaches were much more spacious and beautiful. Well worth a visit.

We also decided to try skydiving whilst there (I was going to do this in San Diego, but the weather was too bad so it was cancelled). After signing several disclaimer forms to say we would not sue them if we died, we got in a small plane and climbed high up above the island. Jumping out isn’t too hard because you are strapped to someone and they decide when to go, but I can image bungee jumping would be more terrifying as you would have to make the leap yourself (and you would see the ground coming near quickly). The first part of the fall was great, there is nothing quite like free falling, however when the parachute came out and the person I was strapped to began circling, I felt quite sick and did for a while afterwards. Great fun though, still not sure if I’d try a bungee though (but probably would).

The New Year fireworks were amazing and were fired from a boat far out in the sea in front of a packed beach. At the end of this summer holiday in winter, we headed back to San Francisco for what was my final few weeks before going back to the UK.


Trying surfing for the first time, although unfortunately the sea was completely flat that day.

Sun, sand, sea.


Going up the Diamond Head volcano cone.

Going to a revolving restaurant.

Seeing Pearl Harbour.

Jungle Trek.

Road trip.