Day in Monaco

This was my second visit to Monaco. The first time was a day trip several years ago, with my friend from Nice. This time, I had work to be getting on with. One of the first things I noticed was that (as well as many previously incomplete skyscrapers now being finished) there were way too many British people around, all pretending like they were James Bond or something.

In Lisbon, a French girl remarked that Lisbon was, “Too full of badly behaved French people” (I loved it because I barely saw any badly behaved Brits), but it got me thinking that maybe lots of people feel a bit embarrassed when seeing others from their own country abroad. I think that due to the juxtaposition of different peoples, it can make cultural differences seem more pronounced and you can end up thinking, “I hope I am not like that”! It is like someone holds up a giant mirror in front of you. Also, they often end up being a little bit embarrassing and you feel like you have to apologise to everyone for them.

Anyway, whilst rushing between wifi-equipped cafes during breaks in working (I wanted to see as much of the city again as possible), I managed to finally structure a difficult system in a project I was working on, in what could have been one of my most productive days so far. I strongly believe that micro-breaks – as well as being in different places (this can even be in one fixed office space) – work wonders for problem solving (most ideas come to me when I am in the Loo).

In the evening I wandered around a bit, hoping to bump into Djokovic or Jenson Button or something; instead I ended up looking through a gate at someone’s helicopter collection. After this I ate at a family run restaurant in Fontvieille (the food was probably the nicest I’d had on the whole trip) and pretended I was from ‘Made In Chelsea’ by walking past some Yachts, before being half-envious and half-glad that I didn’t own one (logistical nightmare, surely) and getting the train back to Nice.


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