Thanksgiving Traffic

From San Diego, we took a day trip up to LA, this turned out to be a night trip really, as we arrived in the dark; I don’t recommend driving in Thanksgiving traffic (if you can help it) especially if you are in an unfamiliar car, at night, in a different country – which drives on the other side of the road. No one died thankfully.

In LA, we took a flying visit to Hollywood Broadway and took a few photos next to some celebrity stars (the floor ones, not the actual stars themselves). I was surprised by how quickly the same road went from being really dodgy to being really expensive; I went from feeling like I was going to be stabbed, and then a few blocks later like I couldn’t afford to be there.

After eating some pizza, we drove around Beverley Hills and saw rich peoples’ gates (it was too dark to see any houses), before desperately searching for the (unlit..?) Hollywood sign, which one of us somehow managed to spot in the distance as we were about to give up.

All in all, a nice brief visit, it is a pity we didn’t get to see more of the city and the beach, would be great to go back properly sometime.