Depressed Dog and Really Angry Person



It has been defeated. The sleep-disrupting reign of the ‘Evil Parrot‘ is over. But often when:

“One stone crumbles, another takes its place.”
– Game of Thrones’ Twitter Account

(If anyone knows a better quote meaning, “A more evil leader taking the place of a previous one”, please let me know, this was all I could find in a two minute Google search for something which would hopefully make this post sound more interesting).

The battle for early morning prime-time sleep destruction has been won and lost by many these last few weeks:

First there was the ‘Evil Parrot’:


Next came the ‘Annoying French Teenagers’ on the ground floor (partying until 5am is great, unless you aren’t invited), who came close to receiving an anonymous bucket of water/worse as a party gift from above. Here you can witness them at war with the parrot for peak noise pollution:


Then a new horror awoke in the darkness.

It began late last week (again probably around 5 or 6am). A deathly howl of grief, as one lamenting the bitter loss of a loved one. The despairing cry of one utterly devoid of hope. The sound of a dog left at home when its owners leave for work:


The poor dog, probably legitimately thought that it had been abandoned forever (every single day), so is more guilty of ignorance than malintent (thanks to the Department of Homeland Security for making up this word).

Each day from then, the distant creaks and shuffling of broken sleep could almost be felt reverberating through solid wall.

Early yesterday morning, someone finally snapped. One with so powerful a voice that all fell silent before them. A shriek of bitter rage, far rivalling that of the ‘Evil Parrot’. I didn’t really know what “Earplugs do nothing”, meant until then (and retract my statement in the previous post). It is just as well that ‘Really Angry Person’ wasn’t in close proximity to ‘Depressed Dog’, because physical violence would most probably have been used.

(Warning, probable Portuguese profanity):


It worked though, the dog stopped. I would too.


In a last vain attempt to win back its pride of place, the’Evil Parrot’ lifted up a timid shriek. Only to be shouted down again by ‘Really Angry Person’. Its sordid cries now nothing but a soothing lullaby in the early morning sky.