A New Adventure


Journey into the Unknown

“If you are young in heart and the sense of wonder still stirs within you.”
– Intro to Flatland

I end this first journey with the same quote I began with.

This one is kind of a cheat, but I did leave the airport – if only for a couple of minutes – so technically I did go to Norway. The reason for this post, though, is not to just add another country to the list, but because of the effect that being there had on me, which I feel is a good end to this first chapter of digital nomading.

Oslo was where I was getting my connecting flight on the way to Manchester from Nice (I was going back to North Wales for a day before heading back to London for a couple of weddings).

A while ago I dreamt that I accidentally found myself in the snowy reaches of the north. I was in a snow-lined cave and there was some sort of large hut or winter-like shop in the centre. I felt amazed and (very unlike me) wanted to travel to snowy regions.

I felt this same feeling in Oslo Airport, it was like an unknown world, a wintery Scandinavian adventure was there beckoning to me. My stop-over was only two hours, but I was told I could get to Oslo and back on the train in forty minutes. I was very tempted. I wouldn’t have long, but I felt drawn to it. My good sense got the better of me, though, and I decided it would be too risky, but I was left feeling such a strong sense of wanting to venture into the unknown. To have new adventures in new places. To meet new people and see what others’ lives are like.

Norway would have to wait, but I can’t help feeling that the digital nomad journey has only just begun.

Oslo Airport

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